Brothers & Sisters

It’s just a phase.
Your selfish ways sought to go unspoken
Speak now, get your story straight
I just want it to be like earlier times
Before the false promises of life made way into your wounded heart

La, la, la, love

I know the rest have given up
Please take this lightly

Most of what you’ve thought and said and who you’ve loved has made you so ill
Sister come back home
But I still see in your eyes hope, life and fear, and fear

Your cruel charade fueled by self-hate and bound by your name justify the fear you place in me
I know you’re lost for words
Just let it go
Don’t let the cuts of the past bleed through to tomorrow
If I could help another way I know
I know you’d throw it away again


Let’s go to the past where we belong
Where your innocence had not been robbed
Restore my faith for your cause
Restore my faith for your cause

Let these words be a match
And drop them into the darkest part, part of your heart

Let the reaction fuel your fate
Convince yourself that it is true when father says he loves us the same