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  1. Let's Go


Let’s Go

Let’s Go

Bring forth time from the past that brought you to this remorse
You strike at the heart of my reform to break the silence now
I wish you well

All my life could reach its close
Oh I hope to see the end
Fall through me ignorance
For you I long
Tear me down
Have them bury me somewhere I won’t be found

Yes, my dear it has a happy ending
If, of course, you’re still here when I’m gone

So far I’ve been torn and crushed by all who feel me
At large by those who say that I can’t be loved
This truth is within me now
Please wish me well


Yes my dear it has a happy ending
But I can’t be here as well
I know you’re wondering what for
And I can barely stand to see
Don’t follow
Lose me in the distance
Where the sun has reached the ground
Don’t let me catch you on my trail
I have no control

Let’s go